Today I get to talk about two of my favorite things, movies and vidja games! When the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph first hit the internet I was practically flipping tables!

Nerdgasm e’erywhere…

The thought of seeing all my favorite video game characters in action on the big screen had me so excited!

Did the movie live up to the hype though?
Well, yes and no. The movie was funny and great! If you’re looking for more than just character cameos though you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting Ralph and Bowser to be BFFs or the copyrighted characters to be pivotal characters, but I was expecting more from the locations.

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the locations that come out in the trailer are it. You get to see Ralph’s game, Fix-It Felix, Game Central Station, Hero’s Duty, and Sugar Rush… and that’s it..

The movie was good, but when your movie’s big thing is that it takes place in the wonderful world of video games then I’m kinda gonna be expecting more games. I wasn’t even expecting copyrighted game locales, maybe some knock off of the Mushroom Kingdom (Fungus Empire?) or something!

As much as I whine, I did enjoy all the cameos

and if you keep an eye out, you might just find a few funny lil’ references here and there.

The most prominent being Sonic seeing as Sega has sold his soul for a chance at being topical again. The way he appeared doing a video game PSA announcement threw me out on a tangent as I was watching the movie. It’s like Sonic got caught dropping acid and now he has to do a solid week of community service to make up for it.

So if the locations don’t bother you and you can keep the fact that Sarah Silverman voices the sweet, innocent Vanellope Von Schweetz from ruining everything that comes out of her mouth then go see it, yo!

When God gives you AIDS – and God does give you AIDS, by the way – make lemonAIDS.

Karinacus, The Dynamite Gal

P.S. Lololo the Metal gear reference was a my second favorite.


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