So I wasn’t home at all this weekend, ya’know why? I got to dick around San Antonio all this weekend for a fencing tournament, so for today we are going to take a small break from my nerdiness to talk about how awesome fencing is.

I mentioned a while ago that I was getting ready for a fencing tournament, and I brought pics so y’all can know that it really did happen.

Every year me and my club go to SWIFA which holds about four tournaments per year. Saber and epee, the arguable more awesome weapons of fencing are the ones that are exciting to watch, but I am but a simple, modest foil. My team and I managed to do pretty well in the tournament, and while I can bring home the bacon on a regular basis, a trophy is a completely different matter. We got eliminated pretty early on. Other than that though, we all had an amazing time and are looking forward to our next tourney.

So yeah, my weekend was awesome.

Karinacus, the only member of the Foilist American Party (no one wants to be a FAPer)..

P.S. Did you know: The tip of sabre is the second most fastest moving object, right after the marksman’s bullet!!


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  1. JCee1000 says:

    Happy Halloween.

  2. TheIceKing says:

    Damn straight saber and epee are better

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