So if you read this blog regularly…. PFFFFHHHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!

I’m sorry my literal laugh out loud had to be typed, you might’ve noticed I’ve been bad about updating as of late.. I honestly have been pretty busy. Usually I get at least 5 hours of internet in a day, 99.9 percent of that time being spent on cat pictures and other .01 percent on writing for the blog, but lately it’s been pretty rough for me.

Midterms are coming up, as a journalism major I naturally hate election years, and I have to practice for an upcoming fencing competition. However, these are my excuses. I have not been filling up the internet with my terribleness on a regular basis and I apologize.

I will get back to posting regularly on Monday, I promise.

-Karina the Irregular

…Ewww, that sounds like I need more fiber in my diet…


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  1. TheIceKing says:

    You should take the fiber one challenge

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