I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my Wii. It loves to taunt me by being a reminder that I spent money on it and I hate it.

A picture of wonderful games I could have spent my time/money on instead of the Wii

I didn’t always resent Nintendo though, it was only recently that I felt like Nintendo was stabbing me in the back to get to the casual gamers. When I was younger, we always had the major competing consoles so I never felt like I was missing out on anything. Nintendo was amazing and was always coming up with amazing ideas.

Then came the Wii

Out of ALL the consoles, the Wii has the least desirable games, for me at least. So once the novelty of owning a Wii wore off after the first two or three days, I got angry. While Playstation and Xbox were getting Gears of War and Dark Souls the Wii got..

I’ve never seen games fly into the bargain bin so fast..

However, with the WiiU on the horizon, I’m starting to realize that Nintendo has always been the company that goes out on a limb to try new things. Nintendo experimented and I didn’t like it, but at least they were willing to try, they can only move forward from here. It was with this realization that i felt my hate slipping away..

My hate is either dissipating into a harmless cloud or it’s the calm before the storm…

But it’s probably the first one.

an adorable hate cloud!

The WiiU is reaching out to me, extending the controller of peace and I am ready to accept.

-Karinacus, the Wiilling.



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