It’s been a weird week. The Judge Dredd movie might actually be good, the Wii U is looking better every day, and iPhone 5 Maps is hilariously bad. After taking all this into consideration I realized I don’t care about any of them and I’m just keep rambling about old games. (I’m waiting to get excited about the Wii U)

Well it couldn’t have been worse

Admittedly, I got into Final Fantasy very late and I was one of those people who got interested after watching Advent Children. It just so happened that I stumbled upon a beautiful copy of Final Fantasy 7 with strategy guide for five dollars at a garage sale, and I was hooked. I found myself carousing through old Playstation games at stores hoping to find a used copy that would take me on adventures with Espers and Moogles.

Because Moogles are so boss.

While I do realize that the story to a loooott of Final Fantasy games can be unnecessarily  convoluted and even stupid at times, but by God are they fun to play. The satisfaction that one gets after one gets after leveling for hours to defeat a powerful boss is practically equivalent to the adrenaline rush one gets after a work out.

And the music, oh the beautiful music. Final Fantasy music ranges from soothing serenades, epic battle hymns, to grand operas. Originating in a time where games could do very little, music was important to keep the player thoroughly entertained enough to keep playing through all the monsters. FF did more than that, the games created iconic music that the player not only love, but could immediately recognize.

Not only that, but the new systems the Enix introduces with each game put a twist on the battle system and can flip what is essentially the same system into a different, new way for the player to enjoy the game. Final Fantasy was the first game ever to use the turn based battle system and thus creating RPGs, but in addition to that added the hand system in FF2, the job system and summons in FF3, active time battle for FF4, uhhhhhhhh FF5 had the job system.. again.. Oh but also muthafuckin’ Gilgamesh…,

Muthafuckin’ Gilgamesh is his whole name, but I don’t think they mention that in the story

The newer titles have been disappointing me, and I was especially distraught when I realized that FF13 was a (very pretty) hallway. Final Fantasy always amazes me with it’s graphics, but they have been falling short in the way they let the player interact with the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love the settings that Square comes up with, but they don’t let the player explore and find out things on their own. Which is rather hilarious if you’ve ever played the first Final Fantasy (a.k.a WHERE DO I GO NOW!?!)

Come on Square, I want the old Final Fantasy back. You still have the beautiful music, interesting characters (excluding 13 and 8 sorry, I hate Squall), fun battles, and the nonsensical plot (ESPECIALLY 8), and the incredibly hard hidden bosses. You just need to trust the player and let them learn about your world on their own by exploring it.

-Karinacus who is waiting for Final Fantasy to get its act together.

P.S. I love FF8, but only because of Laguna

That’s right, you can be a main character who uses a regular gun and not be black.


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