It’s hard to make sidekicks likeable in video games, but every now and then a game gets it right. Who doesn’t love Dogmeat even though he is always attacking enemies he can’t handle. (NO DOG MEAT, WHY?!?!)

He’s like a Chihuahua attacking a bear, but instead of a Chihuahua and a bear it’s Dogmeat and a Deathclaw.

And even Tails gets some love even if no one likes to play him in multiplayer. Whenever the topic of video game sidekicks comes along people will always say, “HEY LISTEN, you know who was annoying?!”


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is often praised for being one of the greatest games of all time. People love this game. I love this game. However when it comes to the subject of your faithful fairy companion, Navi, people can all generally agree that she is annoying. Yeah it’s pretty funny to make fun of her and the idea has spawned some pretty funny ideas, but the thing is.. She’s not annoying.

You remember how amazing it was to fight an enemy in OoT? You got to study the enemies movements and then when you finally figured out the right moment to strike it was always sooooo satisfying. You know why though? Navi.

If you remember correctly, Navi gave Link the ability to use Z-Targeting, ya’know just that technique the player uses THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAME.

ya’know, you are pretty useful. I’m not going to sacrifice your life in exchange for mine…
Your friends on the other hand…

Maybe she was a little chatty, but maybe that was just what Link needed. Link is only seven years old when he is told that he had to abandon everyone he has ever known to set off on a quest to save the land. Not only does this confirm his fears that he is different from everyone around him, but also sets this huge weight on this seven year old.

Navi knows this this is a lot to just drop on a kid, but it’s not they have time to sit back and just talk about the whole situation she does what will help him most in his journey and gives him information. She even helps him stay in contact with those closest to him like Saria.

After going on their adventure and defeating the King of Evil together a strong bond formed between Link and Navi and I can’t have been the only one who felt that. That’s what makes the ending so harsh…

Karinacus, who also loves Kaepora Gaebora…




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