lemme start off with typical opening- OHH EEMM GEEEE GUYZ I LOVE TEH VIDJA GAMES!!- Now that’s done I can get into my story. Yeah, I’m this crazy gamer person, but I didn’t get this way on my own.

Jesus was always at my side with my health potions

Some of the first games I played were Tetris, Tomagotchi, etc… basically soft ball stuff. If I ever started an adventure game or and rpg and got to a part that I couldn’t beat I would just kinda.. quit…

I was rage quitting before online gaming

Then Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out. I can remember the day my brother first picked up the game and I watched him play late into the night. The game was beautiful and I had to play it so I picked up the controller one day and started my journey as the Hero of Time.

Met Navi, oh she’s so cool with her Z targeting, I’m sure I’ll remember her fondly. This dick won’t let me see the Deku tree unless I have a sword and shield? K, I’ll just get the sword, do some lawn work and then buy a shield. Alright, finally got to the Deku tree… AWESOME THE FIRST DUNGEON IS INSIDE OF HIM!!

Hmmm there certainly a lot of webs around here.. Oh well it’s probably nothing. Oh look at those tiny little spiders and their eggs.

Oh wow this room is big and dark… I don’t really see anythi-


It’s important to I explain that I was young at this time and was terribly scared of spiders, so i start flipping out. I end up dropping the controller and running to turn off the N64.

Fortunately, my brother was in the room at the time and saw me completely spaz out. He sat me down despite my loud protest and made me turn the system back on, and though it took several times (I kept turning the system off) I finally defeated the Parasitic Armored Arachnid Gohma.

I know that it sounds silly to be scared of Gohma, but if it hadn’t been for my brother forcing me to kill the detestable arachnid I would never have beaten LoZ:OoT and maybe any of the other games I went on to beat, never bonded with friends over Ocarina of Time, or just in general be the nerd I am.

I just got one thing to say

Thank you, big brother!

-Karinacus, who dedicates this one to her bro

P.S. I know it sounds really stupid, but I was terrified of Gohma.

Seriously, this image is burned into my memory

P.S.S. I know that Navi gets a lot of hate, but I’ll never forget how glad I was when she came back to help fight Ganon.






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