So this isn’t a regular post. I was planning on posting something today but then again…

I’ve had a pretty unusual day.

So I work at a certain house of pancakes on the weekends for some extra money. (the whole starving college student thing) I only work weekends, and it’s usually uneventful.. That is til Ted Nugent stepped through the door.

Yeah, that Ted Nugent

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so young that I have no idea who Nugent is.. I just have no idea what he looks like. So I keep working, trying to sit people down cause we have a wait list and all that, while the other customers waiting are all lk… “Is that Ted Nugent” and then my boss is lk “Hey, that’s Ted Nugent”

and at this time I google imaged Ted Nugent, and hey what do ya know Ted Nugent is in IHOP  my pancakes house and that’s pretty neat.

But that has nothing to do with why this isn’t a regular post, I just thought that it was rather interesting.

So after work I’m heading back home and BAM I get hit from behind by some idiot who wasn’t paying attention.

Now I have a splitting headache and am freaking out and trying to call everyone and get everything in order, so sorry guys..

-Karinacus, who has been having a really bad couple of months..

P.S. It’s probably best she hit my car though or else she would’ve flown right into oncoming traffic and probably would’ve been seriously injured as opposed to just smacking into the back of my car..


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