I was about seven years old when the world was talking about the Y2K bug and I can remember everything everyone told me about it. I didn’t really think that all the technology would stop working, but I was fascinated with the thought of some drastic change and the chaos it would bring.

No technology?!?! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

There’s something so alluring about Armageddons and as a consumer it’s practically impossible to escape end of the world topics. Art, books, television, movies, songs, and video games are all overflowing with these ideas. I don’t know when this fad started or if it was always there, but i do remember growing up with the zombie fad.

You had to know I was working up to zombies

I can remember watching the old Romero zombie movies and feeling terrified. Zombies were terrifying, but since I love being scared witless I craved more, and the world was happy to give it to me in the form of video games, t.v. shows, and movies. Zombies had become the cash cow of media (a zombie cash cow?).

If I had a penny for every time I’ve had a conversation on how well me and my friends would do in a zombie apocalypse I’d be a very rich woman. It’s become this cliched fantasy, not just among gamers, but among the masses and it has to stop.

What’s that you say Mr. Writer, you want to portray the resilience of man and think an apocalypse would be perfect? Nope, it’s been done before. You want to write about how love can bloom even at the end of the world? Already been done. Anything meaningful we could possibly learn from a story set in a zombie apocalypse has already been done! It is imperative that the world learn this right now, because although it seems that the zombie fad is over, I assure you it has only fallen into a light sleep and could wake at any moment.

Romero never even intended for zombies to be used this way in the first place! I can remember when I first learned of the metaphor behind Romero’s zombie and how they represented the ultimate mindless consumer. My first thoughts weren’t about the intriguing way of representation, but on how our obsession with zombies had turned us into zombies.

zombies for zombies sounds like a campaign slogan…

So please give zombies a rest, we don’t have to stop fantasizing about the end of the world just so long as it s zombie free please! I feel like there are still many interesting stories to be told that involve extreme crises such as Armageddons but we’re stuck on zombies like they were an ex girlfriend we never got over. WE NEED TO MOVE ON PEOPLE!

But she was the only one who loved me for my brains!! (Oh God, I am so sorry)

-Karinacus, who is starting up the political campaign, zombies for zombies.

P.S. Yeah writing bout how zombies have been done before isn’t all that original, but i felt that the message needed to be reiterated because I’m still seeing zombies in my media every five minutes.

P.S.S. My friends have decided that if there ever was a zombie apocalypse I would be the first to die, and not even in the cool saving someone way.


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  1. captainlazy says:

    No way I’d be the first to die, you can easily outrun me Karinacus….. //quietly sobs

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