My last year of college I had a hard time communicating with my friends. I was socially awkward, shy, and weird, but that had nothing to do with it. See while I do play a lot of games, there are some games that I just can’t get into, some games that my friends were obsessed with, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this on the internet… I don’t play League of Legends.


WAIT, WAIT!!! Gimme a minute to explain

Don’t burn me yet guys, let me explain… Although explaining probably won’t save me. I have the ability to play League and I could probably play OK if I actually got into it (probably.. maybe.. Hopefully), and I do find it fun. Well the problem is that sometimes I do find myself wanting to play, but then I stop and say to myself- “Who’s free this week, can I play them, and most importantly, why?” So let’s talk about those one by one.

League (which I will refer to as LoL from henceforth) is an insanely popular, and more importantly FREE, multiplayer online battle arena (I made the mistake of calling it an MMORPG and got in a mess with a friend).  The amazing thing about LoL is the wonderful job that Riot Games is doing to keep players interested such as awesome skins, sales, and their ever-growing roster of over 100 characters. That’s right, OVER 100 characters, each with a unique fighting style and back story.

Some more refined than others..

While this is wonderful for players already used to the game, it can be a little intimidating for first time players. Over 100 characters, each with different attacks AND multiple ways to play each one! I don’t play the game, but even I stand in awe at the amount of strategy that can go into each game considering all the variables. That being said.. Where does one start?!?! Should I choose this mute chick with the harp, ninja dude, or OMG A FRIGGIN POLAR BEAR!!


But I digress… Then you need to figure out how to play that character and get used to the game in general, which would be nice if I had time, but an average game takes about 40 minutes so two or three games can take up to 2 hours (more or less). Unfortunately, 2 hours is my one hour of play time in Metal Gear (the rest is cut scene) and I don’t have that time.

Most importantly though is the story, which you don’t need to know to play the game. Don’t misunderstand, there is lore, my God is there a lot of lore. I like story driven games, but as with games such as StarOcean or Mass Effect that have huge encyclopedias about their world I am unlikely to ever read the lore behind each character in LoL so I will never be able to fully understand the characters or their motivations.

Finally, as awesome as Riot is they are still a company and love money. I don’t see an end or resolution to the conflict between Damacia and Noxus and not having an ending annoys the hell outta me. It’s like starting a book and then get to the back of the book and find out the last few pages have been torn out!


Don’t let my whining stop you from playing the game though it really is great, especially if you have a lot of free time on your hands. You can download it here and have a look at the New User Guide here!

-Karinacus, who likes to pretend she has better things to do than spend all day on an online game… but she doesn’t.

P.S. Really, the biggest obstacle is finding out how you play and which character is best for you. Once you find that out you should be in the green..


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  1. captainlazy says:

    I watched Bro play it once and it was kinda interesting. I don’t see myself putting in hours of gameplay though. But, then again, I’m lazy.

    • DarkDragonFamiliar says:

      😀 You have no idea how much time I put into this game. Even when I’m not playing it I’m either Spectating or watching a stream of my favorite pro players.

      • captainlazy says:

        I ACTUALLY DO THO IT’S ALL YOU TALK ABOUT LMAO<3 It is interesting though, sometimes I read about the charas background stories when I'm waiting for stuff to load.

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