So I’ve spent the past several hours looking up at the sky in absolute wonder.

Well I was either staring at the sky or the little, glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling have gotten a lot more convincing.

Mankind seems to be infatuated with the sky. We build towers that scrape the sky and vehicles that can traverse the clouds, but then in the 60s we accomplished what was originally thought impossible and put men on the moon. Thinking about that literally hurts my brain! I can’t even get off of my lazy butt to go grocery shopping let alone build a rocket to propel me into space.

As if reaching into the cosmos and making the moon our bitch wasn’t enough, we have to go and set our sites on Mars, the source of all our chocolate… (wait, my sources are telling me this is incorrect. Why are we going to Mars then? Whatever)

So as you might recall, the big news recently is how the Mars land rover, Curiosity, successfully landed on Mars. Is that not the on of the coolest things you have ever heard? Curiosity needs its own sci-fi tv show narrated by Patrick Stewart.

Star Date: 1083.53

Mission: To explore Mars for signs of life, water, etc… Go where no rover has gone before…

While exploring on the surface of Mars today Curiosity was able to send pictures of the surface back to the scientist.

… It looks like Earth…

Truly this detailed picture of the wastelands of Mars will have a great impact on the scientific community.

-Karinacus eagerly awaits the day when we send a rover to the planet filled with Lovecraftian horrors.

P.S. I was gonna talk about this amazing achievement a few days ago, but a wild Captain appeared and I went to search for it before it disappeared again. Sorry if you’re tired of Mars already… (but why would you be?! It’s MARS!!!)


No matter how many pictures of Curiosity I see I will always picture it as Wall E.


3 responses »

  1. captainlazy says:

    KARINACUS I thought Mars was made of cheese?? Wait which planet was made of cheese? Anyway, it seems like everyone’s going to Mars now, so we should probably go to Mars, too. You know, so we won’t be un-hip.

  2. TheIceKing says:

    You’re such a hipster ;p

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