I have a well of hatred towards video game movies. It seems as if no one can do a movie based off of a game without changing everything important to the plot of the game.

I’ll probably save the whole video game movie topic for another post so that I can bash Uwe Boll till the cows come home.

I love horror games and one of the first ones I ever played was Silent Hill so it holds a special place in my heart along with stir fry and tamagotchis. So when I see scenes from the old and new film involving Pyramid Head I already know that the director either has no idea what these monsters mean or don’t care.

“N-No! What I meant to say was that your robe totally complements your head! No, wait NOOO”

See the first Silent Hill and the upcoming new Silent Hill Revelations follow the story line of the first and third Silent Hill games (though it might be hard to tell with such drastic changes as changing the name and gender of the main protagonist) Why does this matter? Because the demons that the protagonist face in each game hold specific meaning. In the first Silent Hill, Harry is being chased around by demon dogs, monkeys, tiny gremlins, and pterodactyls.

These monsters appear because they are his daughter’s inner demons, the things she fears and hates the most. Dogs would attack her, monkeys would harass her when she went to the zoo, the tiny gremlins with knives represented her classmates who tortured her, and the pterodactyls because.. she had a fear of dinosaurs? (that seriously is the reason, but I can’t be the only one who finds this hilarious.)

Oh… K, I’d be afraid of that…

The demons that people most often remember from the movies though are the undeniably awesome Pyramid Head and the Nurses who are actually from Silent Hill 2, a game that stars a completely different protagonist and is absolutely unrelated other than the fact that it takes place in the same town!

Silent hill 2, arguably the best in the series, starts off with the main protagonist, James Sunderland, receiving a letter from his wife to go to their “special place” at Silent Hill. Not weird enough for you? Well SURPRISE, his wife has been dead for quite some time, and instead of thinking it was the prank of some inconsiderate children James goes to the town and is forced to face off against his own demons… His own sexual demons..

See, James is a normal person with needs, and he sorta never really got over his wife. To put it simply, James never got his groove back. The Pyramid Head and Nurses are reflections of his pent up sexual urges and his want to get it on.

This? Sexual?

So when I see them appear in these movies it makes me think that Heather’s got some pent up sexual problems and I think “Ewww noo that’s not right”

She had… other problems…

But I digress, the topic is call “Why I hate Silent Hill Movies But Will Still Watch Them” and I think I need to move on to why I’ll still watch them…

To complain more. That’s it, that is the only reason I’m going to see the movie, even though if the movie is successful it will go on to green light another terrible Silent Hill game, but I’m still gonna see it… Maybe even in the 3Dees because I am a terrible person and have come to terms with that. (HA Ha! You thought I liked all of them?! Only up to 4 and that is still pushing it)

-Karinacus, who is looking forward to seeing Heather throw up a fetus in the new movie.

P.S. Yes nurses were prominent in Silent Hill 1, but they were there because Alessa saw them as her prison guards/ tormenters who would not just let her die.


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  1. Mei Foxx says:

    I agree with you. I love SH2, I think if anything they should make a movie out of SH2, but I better watch my mouth because they will just fuck it up. I think this new Silent Hill movie is going to be rather disappointing because I don’t think they are going to use the original theme that Heather is supposed to become “God”. Instead it looks like she’s the “chosen one” who must fight off the “evil”. The only good thing is that she actually looks like Heather. Ugh, and bringing a love interest in too…. Ugh. Double ugh. Why bother using source material? Just make your own movie and not name it after my favorite game series, please.

    • I know right! Vincent was one of my favorite characters in SH3 (always messing with Heather’s mind, I just loved to hate him) but now he’s being played by Kit Harington, or Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. So not only are they ruining the character for Vincent for me, but they are also messing with my Game of Thrones!! All the anger!!
      (cause I’m one of those people who always refers to the actor by the role that I first see them portray.)

  2. Mei Foxx says:

    I wonder how they are going to completely change him as a character… No I don’t, it will just further infuriate me.

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