All right, now that everything in my house isn’t trying to kill me anymore I have internet again and I can get back to writing a blog that no one reads, YAY!!

Like most sane people, I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises this week. Don’t worry I’m not going to blab on and on about spoilers like I did when I talked about Spider-man.

Was it good? PSSSSHHHH of course it was good, that was never an issue, but was it better than The Dark Knight? No, but that doesn’t mean that it was a bad. The movie was still amazing, the acting was wonderful and the plot will have you on the edge of your seat even if you’ve read the comics.


There are three things that I have to complain about.

1.Maybe it was just me, but Batman looks absolutely ridiculous while fighting in the wet, heavy sandbags that is the bat suit. He moves so slow it’s a wonder Bane didn’t die laughing as Batman struggling to keep up with him.

It’s not that much of a hindrance, unless I need to move my arms… Then I’m screwed.

2. The musical score. Christopher Nolan brought back Hans Zimmer to do the score for Rises, and while I loved his work in Inception(BRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMM), I found it obnoxious in Rises. I frequently  found myself straining to hear the actors over the music.
Wayne: I need your hel-BBRRRRR

Selena: Why should I- DRRRRRRRR


3. The GODDAMN BAT VOICE. The first time I watched The Dark Knight i didn’t really mind it, but every time he opened his mouth I let out a soft chuckle. It could just be the fact that almost everyone has made fun of it in the four years it took for Rises to come out, or it could be the ridiculous duck face that he makes when doing it, but it takes me completely out of the movie.

the first thing that pops up when you put “batman duckface” into Google images, and i believe it is quite suitable.

Don’t let my whining keep you from seeing this movie though, because it really is a great movie and a great conclusion to the trilogy.

-Karinacus, who is still wondering if it’s best they never once said “Catwoman”


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