Lately, I’ve found myself playing a lot of PC games, and it isn’t just because of the amazing sales going on at Steam right now.

The savings will make you froth at the mouth!!

I’ve always considered myself a console gamer. Not that I had any problems with PC gamers, I was just never really that interested in their games. (that and I have a 4 year-old hunk of junk computer with a terrible graphics card.) If I did play any games on my computer it would be Doom or the really, really old Prince of Persia… Or Solitaire, but that was only if I couldn’t play my GameBoy or if it was my brother’s turn to play video games.

I remember the days when a trip to a store like Babbage’s (How I miss thee) would excite me because of the variety of games I could choose from, each game was a different story, a different adventure. I don’t know if I have become jaded, but nowadays I walk into a store and I say to myself.. “These all look the same..” and then walk out disappointed.

Hey, I still remember you!

I log onto Steam, and it’s different.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to scan rows of shelves for a game that doesn’t star a generic man with a cover based shooting.

Maybe it’s because of the wide variety of games available to me like Age of Empires to L.A. Noire

The real reason, however, is how much Steam supports the independent game developers who aren’t afraid to tread into new ground. Games like Braid, Bastion, and Limbo have all been award winning Indy titles that I can’t stop playing because they are just so much fun, well thought out, and different!

Sorry game stores and consoles , Steam makes it so easy for me to get the games without even getting off of my lazy butt so until I start seeing amazing and unique games coming out on the console I will be giving the contents of my wallet exclusively to Steam.

-Karinacus, enjoying her Steam powered summer.

…. ya’know that or if my computer can’t play a game that I want…

I’m amazed I got Psychonauts to work on it.


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