Another year and Comic Con has once again come and gone while I silently weep in a corner.


Number one item on my bucket list is to go to Comic Con and take a picture with the man who brought Metal Gear Solid to life, Hideo Kojima! Unfortunately for me, I’m a poor college student who is in a great deal of debt so that day will have to be postponed. Until the day I can realize my dream I can just read up about everything going on a Comic Co-

This picture brings me physical pain.

Those people are living my dream… HOW DARE THEY!!!

O.K. so lets take a break from Comic Con and go on Facebook or something…..


Okay, so that doesn’t work. I can’t go to my favorite websites or play my favorite games because they remind me of Comic Con. I’ll just go for a drive and listen to the radio. That should get this off of my mind….

~Thanks for tuning into Comic Con Radio, keeping you up to date at everything that you can’t be a part of.~

Fuck you too, car radio.

Well once I got tired of trying to escape everything that I couldn’t enjoy about Comic Con I let it inspire me. If Comic Con is this cool and awesome right now then it should get a billion times better by the time I am able to afford to get a ticket and fly myself out there. So starting now I pledge to save my money to one day go to this Utopi-

OOH LOOK Steam is having a sale!!

Maybe one year I’ll be able to go to Comic Con, but it won’t be this year.

-Karinacus… future Comic Con attendee.



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  1. captainlazy says:

    Yo Karinacus! I have ten dollars to my name, take them and live your dream!

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