It’s been a while since I did the first one and I couldn’t think of anything else so I decided I’ll finally do a second part.

My family was constantly moving from one place to another. Sometimes I had a yard to play in and other times I had a tv. If I was really lucky though we would move to a place that had cable.

If I was really, really lucky I got human interaction.

With my constant migration from place to place I was never really able to talk and relate to other children. This led to me playing a lot of video games and watching tons of cartoons. It started with Toonami, cartoons like Sailormoon, Reboot, and Dragon Ball did more than remove me from reality, they introduced me to new cultures, art styles, and interesting worlds.

My childhood right here, man

Then Adult Swim took me to a whole other level with amazing shows like Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Harvey Birdman. Birdman showed me you can create comedy with anything, the first few episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho made me cry like a little girl, and the amazingly wonderful, beautifully animated, thought provoking Cowboy Bebop practically changed my life.


I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the shows because when I was finally able to make friends we bonded over these cartoons.

I don’t want my children to grow up isolated like I was, but I do want them to be able to see these spectacular shows and make unforgettable friends like I did.

-Karinacus, who dedicated this one to all her peeps

Wait, no I didn’t mean-
…Well this is just as good.


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  1. captainlazy says:

    Oh my god Rena this one made me cry a little, just, remembering when I used to run home from the bus to catch a Sailor Moon episode. Good times, good times…

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