I first met Silent Hill in middle school. The adrenaline rush that I got when I played with Silent Hill was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I thought that we would be together forever

Silent hill even gave me rabbit plushies!

Sure we got into a lot of messes. Silent hill had me going in and out of hospitals all the time, but always made it up to me by taking me to an amusement park or two. But then..

Silent Hill started acting weird.

All of a sudden Silent Hill didn’t want to leave the room

It was like Silent hill was a different person. I realized Silent Hill was going through some problems so I stayed. Then I found Silent Hill hanging out with some bad people and going into shady deals

The stripper whores that seduced Silent Hill

It was Silent Hill, but it wasn’t the Silent Hill that I loved. I left that relationship only to find that Silent hill had struck a movie deal. I was happy, but then I learned that Silent Hill was going to prison.

In the process of moving on I started seeing this cute, Asian thing, but things didn’t work out

Fatal Frame was obsessed with photography. Not my thing.

I tried to visit an old friend, Resident Evil, but last I heard it was on a trip in Africa

Plus I heard It’s not into the whole “Survival Horror” thing anymore.

I’d all but given up with I met Penumbra

He’s an Indy, but I didn’t care

I got pretty serious about Penumbra, but something was still missing. Penumbra eventually wanted me to meet the folks, and that was when I met his big brother, Amnesia.

Amnesia was beautiful, dark, and forboding. It captivated me within minutes and the next thing I knew I wa-

wait I’m out of lantern oil… What was that noise?



-Karinacus the scared


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