I was never a big fan of the Tomb Raider series, but I do love the idea of raiding tombs and things like that, in fact, I love Indiana Jones and all he ever does in pillage for artifacts (THEY BELONG IN A MUSEUM FOR GOD’S SAKE!). The only time I ever played Tomb Raider was when we found a Dreamcast demo disc at a store that had a demo for the game on it. I remember it being O.K., but I never played it again after that.

I dunno, maybe her boobs offended me or something.

I could never take the games seriously well because..


Look at her! She’s got double Ds, a size zero waist, is constantly posing inappropriately, and goes raiding through dangerous tombs in a tank top and short shorts. She’s not a strong empowered character for the player to look up to she is eye candy!

So when I saw this on the magazine stands about a year back I was intrigued

notice how her bewbs aren’t the first thing you see
… You’re looking at them now though aren’t you?…

I do believe I said to myself, “Hmmm, by the looks of the wound, dirt, and bow that this lady has found herself in a tough situation and has to fend for herself. How did she get into this predicament? I’ll just open up this magazine and read mo- HOLY JEBUS IT’S LARA CROFT.”

All the news about the re-invention of Lara Croft has been good news since then (despite the fact that it looks like Uncharted.. but that is kinda cool too!)

but then I read this.

In case you don’t have time to read the link I’ll give you the low down, the game’s producer, Ron Rosenberg talks about how Lara develops into the “tomb raider that we all know and love” by experiencing hostile environments, assault, and even rape. That’s right, in the new Tomb Raider you get to play through Lara almost being raped because it builds character.

What the fuck Crystal Dynamics?!

I can understand that you want to create a new image for the Tomb Raider series, but you’re going about it the wrong way! Rape is a real thing that happens to real people and yes it does change people, but not in good ways. For Rosenberg to say such insensitive remarks is an insult to victims of sexual assault and rape!

Crystal Dynamics if you’re going to try to make characters interesting do some research and think before you speak.

I also want to say that it is possible to have a strong female character who doesn’t walk around wearing revealing clothing.

-Karinacus the internet raider

P.S. I believe that video games are a form of art and expression and should be allowed to convey any message they want. However video games will never be taken seriously if we don’t reflect this the content of the games. Video games can approach controversial¬† topics like rape so long as it is done in a tasteful and thoughtful manner.

P.P.S. I am in no way saying this game is sexist. Given the situation that Lara is in (trapped on an island with a group of men with questionable integrity who probably haven’t seen a woman in years.) rape is something that could happen. I am simply saying that Rosenberg’s comments were in extremely poor taste. Crystal Dynamics stated that rape is not in their vocabulary recently in an effort to distance themselves from these comments.

P.P.P.S. I highly recommend that you check out an article on The Escapist called The R Word for additional reading.


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  1. Steve Johnson says:

    It’s not a good thing. Both Samus Aran, and Lara Croft, like their male counter-parts in characters like Duke Nukem, Gordon Freeman, or The Doom Marine, didn’t need large sums of character. Indeed, with Samus and Lara, they’ve essentially taken all the old school, simplistic traits, and obliterated them. It’s a shame we live in such a cynical era, because now we have no real “strong” female characters. We have female characters who seem to be filled with angst, and we have to see them go through “pain and suffering” for them to be tough. Instead of having a simple back story, and allowing me to play a game that challenges ME directly.

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