I like cute things like kitties, puppies and Gollum.

I also like post apocalyptic settings with dark humor.

Is there anything that combines my love for these two things?

why yes, yes there is.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Adventure Time is let me explain. Adventure Time is a cartoon that airs on Cartoon Network about a boy named Finn who goes on adventures with his magical dog, Jake, through the land of Oo0. Magical dogs and the Land of Ooo? So it’s set in a fantasy world, right?

Wrong. Though it has never been directly stated in the show Adventure Time is set far in the future on Earth after the “Mushroom War” has destroyed everything and magic has returned to the land. Maybe you think I’m reading into the children’s t.v. show a little too much, but I’m certainly not the first one to say this (definitely not the first one to think of it), and the evidence is abundant.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. In countless episodes you can see technology scattered across the Land of Ooo remaining from before the Mushroom War like computers, cars, and televisions.

If that isn’t depressing enough for you then how ’bout this, Finn is the last remaining human on the face of the Earth Ooo. This is originally brought up in the episode “Susan Strong” where Finn meets a human like lady and desperately tries to befriend and help her. Unfortunately, the episode ends on a sour note where Finn is left not knowing if Susan was really human or not.

The show also goes into a possibility of how all the humans were wiped out in the episode “Her Parents” when Jake has to meet the parents of his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn.

Lady Rainicorn: A combination of a rainbow and a unicorn that only speaks Korean.
That shit is so cute, you have to be tripping on acid to think of it.

Naturally Jake is nervous about meeting them because meeting the parents is always scary, but also because her father served in the Rainicorn-Dog War (another war in this kid’s show) so he might not like Jake because he is a dog. (damn it’s also going into interracial relationships, this show addresses everything!?! But I digress..)

So the parents finally arrive and try to eat Finn.. Why? BECAUSE RAINICORNS EAT HUMANS!!

As soon as the family of deadly rainicorns stops trying to eat Finn they all settle down for a nice picnic and feast on some Soy Human. How does Finn take this?

Well it apparently taste pretty good.

So to all you parents out there, be aware of what you let your kids watch because even if it looks adorably cute it doesn’t mean it can’t have a secret, ultra cool plot if you pay attention. I haven’t found a show this gorgeously animated and dark since… I can’t even think of one. It’s like it took Invader Zim and Powerpuff Girls and mashed them up to produce an even awesome-er child!

We need more shows like this.

-Lady Karinacus the rainicorn


What the fudge Lady Rainicorn?! You’re a rainbow, but you don’t have orange?


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