After looking back at all I’ve written I realize that I need to shut up about video games for a while.

A while back I started going to a fencing club thinking, “OMG SWORDS!!! Nerds will be abundant!” Needless to say, I was right. I’ve been in the club for a while and made a lot of new and irreplaceable friends since then, but I’ve found that I really love fencing.

lololol he looked at the box

I’m not great at the sport, I’ll never be an Olympic fencer (that’s not what the title meant!). Fencing does however get me excited to do physical activities, something which I’m not prone to. In short, it has become sort of a passion.

Usually when the Olympic season comes up I am angered that the event takes up so much precious t.v. time away from my regularly scheduled programs, but this time I actually have something to look forward to! (I don’t have cable you see)

To everyone out there who hates the Olympics I highly recommend giving it a watch because you might just find something that you want to try.

What about fencing?


Seriously, it is immense fun. Find a club near you take some friends and stab the ever-loving hell outta each other. It’s good for stress and healthy for you!

-Brave Fencer Karinacus

(P.S. Really though guys, if it involves swords then nerds will be there)



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