I’ve always considered myself a console gamer and while the playstation 2 has brought me more memories than i can recount I had another, greater love before the PS2. Her name was Dreamcast.

I spent countless hours playing this machine! The console was visually stunning and had a beautiful line up of games.

If you wanted action, adventure, RPG, or fighting then the Dreamcast would deliver that and more. Hell, the console even did the impossible and had good 3d Sonic the Hedgehog games! The Dreamcast even revolutionized memory cards with the VMUs, a playable memory card.


So if the Dreamcast was so great, then why isn’t it as popular as the ps2? Unfortunately, due to the failure of the Sega Saturn Sega wanted to get the public back on its side and released the Dreamcast before the PS2, this would be the console’s downfall. The launch in America was definitely successful, but then the Playstation 2 appeared on scene.

With all the hype about the Playstation 2 the sales for the Dreamcast plummeted. Although the Dreamcast had sold fairly well in the beginning it wasn’t enough to hold Sega up. Sega was forced to quit the console business and strictly become a software company.

So here’s to you Dreamcast, though you died way before your time you will always be loved.


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