The most talked about movie right now! Some people hate it, some people love it! So what is up with this movie?

Alright I’m going to try to talk bout the movie without revealing much spoilers if I do talk bout something I’ll put the lil *spoiler* tag ahead of it.

The first thing I heard about this movie was that it was a prequel to Aliens and that right there is enough to make me go see it, add that to it also being produced by Ridley Scott and BAM I’m excited.

Then I heard that it wasn’t a prequel, but set in the same universe…

Then I decided to look into it for myself. From what I understand it was originally going to be a straight up prequel to Aliens, but then Scott got caught up in the *SPOILER* premise of the film: What if we were created by something, some entity or group, and we set out to look for this creator only to find out that they want us dead.* END OF SPOILER*

Really it is an interesting film, and it’s the best thing in theaters right now.(.. Unless you haven’t seen Avengers.) The CGI and acting are superb and I found myself enthralled within the first 15 minutes. I was especially captivated with Michael Fassbender as the resident android. Not that the other actors weren’t also as good as he was, they were all amazing, but Fassbender just stood out to me for reasons I’ll get to in a bit.

I can’t hate him, even if he did give *SPOILER* to *SPOILER* causing him to *SPOILER*

I can understand a lot of the controversy involving the movie and why there are a number of people who don’t like the movie. There were many plot holes and not a whole lot of Scott’s Aliens are in the movie even though the audience will expect there to be. If you push the Alien part out of your mind though and just go into this movie as if it has nothing to do with Alien then you get a beautiful science fiction movie… with plot holes. (plot holes are a given, it was written by the guy from Lost) Still a great movie though.

Of two things I am certain..

1: There must have been a conversation like this during the production of the movie

R. Scott: Hey H.R. Giger, remember when I asked you to design really phallic aliens for that one movie of the same name?

H.R. Giger: How can I forget!?! I made people have nightmares about penises for months!

Scott: Well I’m working on a new movie and I need more designs. Can you make them even more suggestive?

Giger: More suggestive than aliens with penises for heads?

Scott: Yeah..


Go have fun and watch the movie… You’ll understand when you see it.

2: If there is ever a Metroid movie, I demand that Charlize Theron be cast as Samus!

Look at her! She is practically already in the zero suit!

-Karinacus, afraid to sleep because of the penis nightmares


Alright so why is Fassbender’s character, David so interesting and why do I think fans will fall in love with him? Well let’s have a look at him, David is an android created to look exactly like us. Why? to make us more comfortable around him, and so that he will be able to fit in. David is constantly trying to fit into a world that will always be foreign to him. When we first see him he is trying to improve himself by imitating things he sees in movies, namely Lawrence of Arabia. If you don’t know, Lawrence of Arabia is a movie about a foreigner dropped into a strange land who eventually gains the respect of the people there, and then becomes like them. David relates to Lawrence, and in later scenes we come to understand this fully and are able to relate to David. The feeling of wanting to be accepted or being an outsider are universal and that is what makes Fassbender’s character so intriguing and likeable.



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