I’m not gonna lie, I’ve played a lot of games.I’ve spoken of my childhood before and as you can probably guess, most of my memories are from video games. So do I have a favorite? We’ll that’s like asking which one of your children do you prefer.

While I don’t have a favorite there is one series that always has me running back for more, and no matter how long I play I can always find something new to love.

Metal. Fucking. Gear.

To those unfamiliar with the Metal Gear series lemme give fill you in a little.

The story revolves around one B.A.M.F.* special agent who goes under the codename of Solid Snake as he is sent on missions to stop evil terrorist with the capabilities to launch a nuke thanks to a bipedal weapon that, in some cases, is referred to as Metal Gear. The series has gone on to make over 15 games some of which involve a different character, Naked Snake, and others that  aren’t canonical: the Ac!d series and Ghost Babel.**

There are a multitude of reasons of why I love Metal Gear but I’m going to rant ’bout just one or else we’ll be here all day(that’s why it says part 1)

The Unforgettable Characters- Psycho Mantis

The first Metal Gear game I ever played was Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation I was about 9 years old the first time I found myself in front of his door.

Best. Boss. Ever.

Now if you’ve played the game then you know what I mean, but if you haven’t let me paint you a little picture. Imagine you are a 9yr. old little girl who  just spent the whole game being an awesome badass! It’s a pretty awesome game so you keep playing regardless of the time. Soon it’s dark outside, but you’ve made a lot of progress. You just made contact with a nice looking lady who says she can help you out against the terrorist. What’s this though?! Now there is this ominous music.. Something big is coming. A boss fight?! The last one was a tank so what could be next!?

You move on, into the commanders room… and nothing. That is until your partner starts freaking out. You don’t know how, but you know she is being controlled so you knock her out without hurting her. Then he appears.

Psycho Mantis. You were warned about him,a psychic, but his tricks won’t get him far. He’s part of the terrorist group you are trying to take down. From the looks of him though the fight won’t last long.

He can tell you don’t believe in his powers so he goes on a about how he can read your mind… or rather your past..

All you can think is, come on let me beat up this phon-

You like Castlevania, don’t you?

Dafaq?! Wha? Wait, wait, wait… What?! He’s not talking to me is he?!

Suddenly you start to take him more seriously.

“Put your controller on the floor.”

As the controller vibrates on the floor you still find yourself in a bit of disbelief. No time to think about it though, the battle starts and you pick the controller back up and do your best to try and hurt him.

What’s going on?! All the power you had- gone! Nothing you try is working! What happened to the screen?!?!



Now if you haven’t figured it out from my very long description Psycho Mantis a boss you fight early on in the game. What makes him stand out is the fact that he will read your memory card and make remarks about the games you’ve played (only Castlevania for the ps1, but they added more games for the Gamecube port). That being awesome on its own, Mantis takes it a step further by screwing with screen making it appear as through the channel has been changed and making it impossible for the player to damage him. So how do you defeat this boss? Well as your support team will tell you, Mantis is reading your moves from the controller port, in order to do any damage you need to plug your controller into controller port 2, thus making it impossible for him to read your mind.

That is a memorable character.

-Psycho Karinacus

*Bad Ass MoFo, come on you knew that!

**Snakes Revenge? Why, I don’t believe that is a thing, sir!



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