Obsessive Compulsive Karinacus suddenly enters my mind and slowly gnaws on my thoughts in a weird O.C.D. type of way: *Gnaw Gnaw* You started your blog some time ago *gnaw gnaw* and have yet to do one that has *gnaw gnaw* anything to do with anime.

Rational Karinacus: Hmmm this is true, perhaps I should do one soon, but what should I focus on?

O.C.D. Karinacus: Well what was the last anime you watched?

Rational Karinacus: Oh! Well that was-

The Legend of Korra

She’s got a polar bear dog. A POLAR BEAR DOG, PEOPLE!!

Now for those of you who don’t know, The Legend of Korra is the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show that I never watched prior to seeing Korra.

“But wait Karinacus!! Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra were made in AMUUURRRICAA by AMMMURRRICANS so they aren’t really anime!” -Whiny, nasally voiced person off in the distance

Thank you Nasally person, that is exactly what I want to focus on.

Now when Avatar came out the show ran through its entirety while I was in middle school and during that time I was very picky about the anime and manga that I watched and read, hell I still am. If I didn’t like the art style, or if the idea didn’t interest me then they were out the door. These are the reasons that I was engrossed in anime like Yu Yu Hakusho and Cowboy Bebop because of the way that they pulled you into the situation and attached me to the characters. Whereas there were manga like Death Note that drew the reader in with the premise (and the art style, MY GOD THE ART STYLE!!).

I took one look at Avatar and said to myself “The art style is drawing a lot from anime, I don’t want to waste my time on a wannabe,” and then carried on with my life not even giving it a second thought.

To me it always seemed so wrong to see American animation taking soooo much from Japanese animation and it carried this stigma, like seeing knock-off toys of famous brands. I saw them as knock-off anime, and why get knock-off anime when I could get brand name for the same price.

Yes, this exactly!

So when I was forced to sit down and watch a few episodes of Korra I was prepared for the worst, but to my surprise I was entertained and even found myself asking my friend questions because I was so intrigued.

“How are they able to metal bend? How can fire benders also bend lightning? How come you can only blood bend on a full mood?”

I was lucky my friend didn’t slap me for asking so many questions and just kept on putting the next episode on. No, no wait he did slap me and then put the next episode on.

Now that I’ve taken the time to actually watch the show I realize that it has a interesting concept, the characters are smart and well thought out with flaws like everyone else (OH-EM-GEE I can relate to Korra SOO well. Life is hard when you’ve been reincarnated and everyone wants to be all up in yo biznesss….. I’m sorry my grandeur deluded ghetto came out)

The point I’m trying to make, don’t judge a book by it’s cover


In this fictional universe there is no such thing as a wolf or a bat, instead you get WOLFBATS or FIREFERRETS! (There is one bear however)

One more time because she is adorable: Naga the Polar bear dog

If you’re interested in Legend of Korra they show it every Saturday on Nick, Avatar the Last Airbender is available both on DVDs and Netflix, and I am looking forward to the season finale of Korra next Saturd-

“The season finale is the 23rd stupid, that’s next, next Saturday” -Whiny, nasally voiced person


Karinacus, the impatient fan

P.S. If you mix the elements right you can get a big hit

just gonna leave this here…

EDIT: Sorry my bad, there is a new Korra this Saturday!


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  1. Chris Mizawa says:

    You probably want to read this article. It gives a very thorough analysis of the debate regarding anime and cartoons.

  2. TheIceKing says:

    Appa is better…

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