Some of my earliest memories are of my elder brother babysitting me by sitting me in front of the t.v. while he tried desperately to defeat Sigma in Megaman X.

From then on the trend continues with memories like those. I played the Nes and sneaked my brother’s Gameboy away from him. Til the day came  my mom thought me old enough to get my own Gameboy. It was a beautiful cool blue Gameboy Pocket to be precise and I carried it with me everywhere.

As a gamer there is no doubt in my mind that I will bond with my children  through our love of  video games, but there was one game that I was absolutely crazy about when I younger, and though I seem to have fallen out of love with the franchise I still want my future child to have the chance to experience the wonders of that strange Pokemon world.

Goddamn childhood right there

Right now Pokemon is still going strong with a pokedex sporting more than I care to count, but this leads into my dastardly plan.

I don’t want to throw my future children out into a world  with trashcan pokemon!! At least not at first… I plan to hold my children in a sort of gaming time capsule. I will start them with off with early games like ping pong and space invaders and slowly bring them into modern gaming times.

Seriously? This is a real Pokemon?

Though they may ask, beg, and plead for the latest, greatest  games they I will ensure that they play through Pokemon starting from Kanto(Hell if I can I’ll keep them from seeing modern games and just have them thing that technology advances really, really fast.).( I wonder if that could be considered a type of child abuse… Anyway!)

They will face the difficulty of picking between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. They grow to hate Gary(Blue, Fagballs, what ever you called him…). They will hold down the A button in an effort to catch a pokemon. They will look for and fear Missingno.

This is what I want my children to go through, and if they ever need someone to help them to get all the starters, I will be there with a trade cable to show them all the tricks.

-Karinacus, Who has no plans to be a mother anytime soon but likes to plan.


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  1. DarkDragonFamiliar says:

    I also plan for my kids to play these classic games, and if its Pokemon they must name their rival Asshat or Doucheballs like I did. 😀

  2. captainlazy says:

    I actually secretly love Grobodor…. It looks like he’s got poofy chongos, that’s adorable gdi.

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