Haven’t put anything up in a while because my brother has been sick and I’ve been worried about him… Plus I’m lazy. Mostly because I”m lazy.

I went to go see John Carter today because I had nothing to do and it was fairly cheap ’cause it’s in the dollar theaters now. I must admit I’ve never read any of Edgar Rice Burroughs and never planned on doing so since Disney Tarzan has tainted my view of him.

I didn’t even enjoy the Kingdom Hearts level..


However, after watching the movie I find myself thinking of downloading the e-book (for FREE on Amazon Kindle!!) as they seem to be the inspiration for many, many movies.

As you might’ve guessed I liked the movie. Despite what I’ve heard about the film it was rather entertaining. It did seemed a bit rushed at points and had multiple subplots, but wasn’t bad and kept me fairly amused since I found the whole idea held some potential. Especially once you see that the change of scenery has given Carter super human powers compared to the native martians.

If you find yourself with two hours of free time I’d give it a look at. If you’re going for the hot Mars action and fight scenes you might be a bit disappointed with the opening and ending, but it gets to the action pretty quick.

(side note: Not worth it to go see in 3D, I was however, able to pop out the lenses and get a neat pair of hipster glasses to put over my regular glasses.)

(side side note: I can easily see this movie as a romantic comedy if the violence was turned down and Sola was voiced by a mad black woman… Like Wanda Sykes.)

OH NO SHE DIDN’T! This bitch is leading us the wrong way! You gonna stand for that JC?!?

-Karinacus of Mars



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