After going to see some of my high school friends graduate today I went through a whole “OH-MAH-GAWD-WHY-AM-I-SO-OLD” type of thing.

A bit of an over reaction since I was in their place just a year ago. I felt like graduation would be the death of my childhood, but when that didn’t happen I figured college would be the death of my childhood. Now that I know that isn’t true I’ve given it some more thought.

While at high school I acted like a child and did stupid things, which is the same thing I’m doing in college, but with more studying.

Then I look at adults. Tired and held down from carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and I came to a conclusion.

You don’t wake up one morning and say to yourself I am an adult and your childhood doesn’t slip away from you in the middle of the night, but rather it slowly moves from your heart until there isn’t anything left but the memory.

I’m scared of growing up, scared of change, but most of all scared of losing myself.

I want make sure that no matter how old I get I’ll take time to relax and remind myself to have fun.

I’ll leave you with the advice of one of the best commencement speeches’ I’ve heard.

“When things get tough… This is what you should do.

Make good art.

Legs crushed and then eaten my a mutated boa constrictor

Make good art.

Cat exploded

Make good art.” (Neil “Awesome” Gaiman)

-Karinacus, turning her fear into good art.


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