Recently, my Facebook page has been exploding with articles such as:

Mermaids are Real!


The Aquatic Ape Theory: Proof of Mermaids

At first I brushed it off thinking it’s just some b.s. and I shouldn’t involve myself with it, and I was right. Unfortunately, once I expressed my skepticism my friends retaliated with a hour and a half long Animal Planet “documentary” called Mermaids: The Body Found. The video featured “evidence” that proves the existence of mermaids, but because of government interference their proof was never brought to light.

Well after being forced to sit through the whole “documentary” I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t that bad. I mean there are plenty of other idiots who make their living off of these myths and legends like Big Foot or Nessy, but . The worst thing that came out of the whole mermaid controversy is the way they messed with my mental image of mermaids.

The mental image of a mermaid

However, according to SCIENCE and computer graphics mermaids look something like this

my nightmare material for the next few weeks

This… Thing eehhhhhh… It looks lk someone took Liara T’Soni, deprived her of food, added fins, and smashed her face up a bit.

I can’t look at her the same way…

Thank you for that Animal Planet.

So after I finished banging my head into a wall at the thought of it all I found out Animal Planet was playing the special for their Monster Week so there just might be hope for the world.

You can find a scathing review of the Mermaids: The Body Found by the NY Times here!

-Karinacus the Little Mermaid


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