A close friend of mine once said something that came off very profound to me. The conversation went something like this,

-“You would be a terrible therapist.”

-“What? What makes you say that?”

-“Because instead of listening to the patient’s problems you would be drawing penises on your clipboard.”

I thought about this for a while and realized that he was absolutely right. So I decided to look for the silver lining .

-“This is true. While I would never be able to help a single patient I would get a whole lot better at drawing penises with all the practice I would get.”

Now let me explain all the penis talk. I’m the typical poor and nerdy college student. I play video games, read manga, hang out with friends and even go outside every now and then, but most of my time is spent on the internet. So while I’m laying on my couch reading about people I figure that I could do that too and it would help in my major field of study, journalism. I hope to apply the penis therapist theory to my blog. While I blab on and on about my daily life I might just be able to get better at writing, and if that doesn’t happen then hey, I’ll get better at typing.

-Karinacus, the Penis Therapist.



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  1. TheIceKing says:

    The Penis Therapist does not sound like a title you would want to have

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